Under Starters Orders

I will be regularly updating Racing Pages with previews and news of UK horse racing, I get around to covering, but thought it best to begin with previews of (hopefully all) the races that will make up the Cheltenham Festival.


I’ll do my best to get coverage up for all races ahead of time but that could prove difficult, particularly with the handicaps given the uncertain nature of runners making the cut and targets often fluid for some.


My focus is more likely to be on the National Hunt scene, given that is my main passion, but I’ll also be covering some of the action on the flat and will also cover the occasional bit of wider sport, time permitting.  The aim will be to have at least weekly coverage of football, whether that be at home or abroad, Premier League, lower league or international, and the majors of other sports – The Masters in Golf, International Cricket, Tennis and whatever else I feel like discussing.


The likelihood of anyone actually stumbling across this and reading are of course low, but I hope that if you are reading you enjoy, and if you back any of my suggestions I hope that you’ve miraculously stumbled across the one winner I’ve inadvertently selected.


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